Sustainability Policy

At Hotel Quadrifolio we work every day in the integration of our four areas of operation: service, comfort, privacy and elegance; areas which we link to sustainable development in our business processes.
We believe that sustainability is the key element that will allow tourism to remain being an engine of our country’s economy. Therefore we plan to continue learning from our experiences and we stay committed to a continuous process of improvement in order to strengthen the relationship with our stakeholders.
With our customers, suppliers and partners, Quadrifolio Hotel is committed to the provision of accommodation services based on minimizing negative environmental, sociocultural and economic impacts. We are also committed with the empowerment of our sociocultural attributes in compliance with the applicable legal requirements to prevent the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and maintaining the colonial architecture of the Historic Center of Cartagena. We will done this also ensuring the satisfaction of the needs of our customers within the framework of respect for the culture, a good working environment for our employees and the access to vendors with good standards of sustainability.

Sustainability Video :