A trip to Cartagena (Colombia)

One of the best things found in Cartagena are its Colonial Era houses which in turn form majestically beautiful streets named after stories or urban legends, making its navigation a little bit tricky.  Amongst the most renowned streets one can find Tumbamuertos Street, Del Cuartel Street (where our Hotel Quadrifolio is located), Don Sancho Street, Del Arzobispo Street as well as many others. 

However, the streets of Cartagena are not the only protagonists of this beautiful city. There is also its extensive rampart, famous for protecting the city in the time of pirates. Its monuments, erected to commemorate important dates, founding fathers or a national artist. There are also cultural sites like the legendary Cerro de la Popa and beautiful squares such as San Diego and La Plaza de Santodomingo. 

In Cartagena you will also find the most photographed woman in Colombia, the Palanqueras, who have become a staple of the city’s historic center, dressed up with their colorful clothes, a fruit basket on their head and an unmistakable song, making them a draw for the different tourists visiting Cartagena. 

We have to talk about the marvelous Clock Tower. This work of art became the main entrance of the city in 1630 and years later it was partially destroyed by the Baron of Pointis and in 1704. Repairs were by the engineer Juan Herrera y Sotomayor, who added the baroque cover, the four Tuscan columns that adorn it and the two vaults on each side.  In 1874 a clock brought from EEUU was installed and years later it was replaced by the one currently in use. Not wanting the old one to go to waste, it was placed in the Church of Torices. 

For this and much more, Cartagena is known throughout the world as one of the most stunning cities of Colombia, fact proven by the large number of national and international events that are celebrated annually in La Heroica. 

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